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What readers say about the Constitution of the United States of Being:

I am loving your book Lisa. It is... written so perfectly, so honestly and it is admirable how you openly share your life struggles, as we can all be comforted by the fact that we are not alone with our hard times in life. Your perspective is so positive and inspirational. I feel wonderful each time I read from your book... Thank you so much for putting pen to paper, following your dreams, waiting for the right time, and creating this masterpiece.   - Roxy G.


I have almost finished the book and I love it.... sure you didn't write it about my life?    - Suzanne N.


I've read this book and it is amazing and rewarding, inspiring and also personal. When you read this book your heart goes out to the writer ( Lisa ) and you feel her journey .... you relate to her journey and also her steps are so relevant to everyday life and people, you also get so inspired to make a better you and a better world ... who would not like this book ... tell all your friends to buy one and read it once a year.   - Judy A.


This book is very inspirational and challenges you to get out there and do something or try something you have always wanted to do but have been scared too.   It speaks to you and in some spots gives you a kick in the bottom...LOVED IT!       - Nicole M.


Your honesty from the get go had me chewing through the pages. You have a very easy to read style and your no bullshit approach I found refreshing. I have had exposure to quite a lot of the subjects you covered here and the people you chose to reference, but your style I found VERY unique and presented in a way I found to be more profound... It really spoke to me.. I couldn’t ignore things anymore!   - Kirsten B.


This inspirational, but down to earth book has many practical ideas for creating your own reality. Loving ones self is not selfish, it is a must. Something we all need to do before you can fully appreciate how to love others. It shows us how, in a simple to understand way. I highly recommend this little book of gems.     - Ric Bennett


A Must Read for Everyone!  I love this book. I remember when it arrived on my doorstep. I unwrapped it and held it in my hands for a few seconds before I peaked between it's enticing pages. I made a cup of tea and sat down to read it. I became completely enthralled with the stories and insights jumping out at me from its pages. I was hooked. It was so easy to read, so engaging. Some self-help books can be quite onerous to read and quite off-putting with their content but not this one! The Constitution of the United States of Being was a friend that I was sharing a pot of tea with, talking and laughing with whilst we told each other stories and insights that made the hours fly by far too quickly. I realised just how special this book is - it is a book for me, for my friends, for my family. I had to share it and so I bought them copies so they too could experience the magic between its pages. Come and join my family, friends and I in enjoying this book - you'll love it!      - Mary Harrison


Loved it so much I bought copies for my daughter for when they are older, and my friends. A well organised account of how to look at the positives in things and personally I found it very helpful after going through a life changing event. The chapters are perfectly titled and are really great to live by.   - Meg Clark


THE CUSB is a fab concept ... great read 🙂
I loved this book! A book I will keep on my bookcase to read again (and then possibly again ...!) The authors ability and willingness to open to issues that we all too often shun, that the reader can relate to & therefore allowing ourselves to confront, accept and heal... I would encourage others to grab the opportunity to read this book... highly recommended.     -  Rachel Hawkins


It made my heart smile.  "The Constitution of the United States of Being" is a book I had thought would just be another self help book. I was sooo wrong about that. This is a book that actually made my heart smile while I was reading. It conjured all kinds of images of myself and I found myself shaking my head, yes, that IS me. Ms. Butler uses humor and colorful imagery to enable us to personalize each chapter as though she had written it just for me. It is reader friendly in lots of ways, but I found that once I started reading, I couldn't stop. I urge anyone who needs a smile in their heart to get this book. Buy it, keep it, and read it whenever you need that smile.    - Laurie Williams


Lisa Butler's new book The Constitution of the United States of Being is a self-help book which, being directed to the real needs of many people, really helps.

Unlike some self help books, here you will find no fatuous instant remedies, no half-baked theories, no psycho-babble, and no self-congratulations by the author. This book is a valuable aid to self-discovery and personal growth because it is A; informed by common sense and real-world experience, and B; based partly on the author's own experiences of inner struggles and her achievement in resolving them.

Lisa Butler has read widely, but has developed the knack of drawing from her readings only those thoughts and practical actions which work for ordinary people in the midst of everyday life.

Divided into easily-absorbed sections focussing on such problems as depression, despair, self-doubt, loss of interest in life, and mistrust, this is the sort of book you will want to carry around with you, to open its pages at quiet moments for sustenance and encouragement. Butler also helpfully includes personal stories of her challenges and how she has overcome them.

This is not the work of a counsellor, looking into peoples' lives from outside. It is the work of someone who has been there, who has learnt from her own pain, and who has come out the other side. Now, she's on your side. Don't leave home without it.    - Clem Gorman (Author, playwright, university lecturer and musician.)

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