Who Comes First In Your Life?

Published by Lisa J Butler on

I’m spending the morning at home as I try to get through some work on my desk, most of which is marketing and promotion. I’m loving all the expansion in my life – including the coaching and writing I do, and I feel blessed to be meeting some truly beautiful and loving people as I walk this path.

Being around calm, loving and spiritually aligned beings is so refreshing and good for me. Those who know me would say that I’m a naturally effervescent and passionate person – and I find it hard to sit still at times! I would say that I can become driven, stressful, sluggish and tired. I’m a single mother, I have big dreams and goals that I work hard to achieve, and I’m compelled to help others through the work I do, but I know that if I don’t look after me first, I can’t effectively look after anyone else or do the things that are important to me.


So, over the past few months I’ve been learning a new habit. I’m learning to be still and calm within myself. It’s quite a change from my constantly busy, racing old self, but I like it very much. I still get everything done, and I’m still just as passionate about life and what I love to do, but I’m doing it at a healthy pace and allowing time for meditation, reading, resting – in short, I’m learning the art of ‘Self-Love’ and allowing myself to just ‘be’.   I love it and I highly recommend it because for me, it is incredibly rejuvenating at every level of my being. I feel physically rested, spiritually alive, emotionally peaceful and joyful – and I feel ready for anything that comes my way.

When you look at your week, is there time in it for you to stop, rest and ‘be still’? Do you give yourself the absolutely essential gift of ‘Self-Love’ or does everyone and everything else come first leaving no time for you? If this concept is new to you it may feel uncomfortable. The idea of putting yourself first may bring up feelings of guilt or selfishness, but I want you to try looking at it from a different point of view; it is essential for the wellbeing of those around you that you take care of yourself. If you feel well, at peace, happy, and filled with appreciation for the time you give yourself, you offer a great gift to everyone in your world because you are able to give them the best of who you are. Not only that, you set an example to those around you that they too, have the ability and right to care for themselves first, and that it’s okay to do so.

We all have the right to be joyful and free – in fact it is the very reason for our being here in this physical experience – and that means taking care of our emotional, physical and spiritual needs first.   I believe that we are all one, so caring for ourselves equals caring for all.  Now that’s altruism at its best!