The Philosophy

Reach out wholeheartedly for your Goals and Dreams.

Have absolute Faith and Trust in yourself.

Believe you can have, do and be anything you desire.

Develop your Instinct and Intuition.

Stand up to your fears – they cannot harm you unless you allow them to.

Anger and resentment are the two most negative and destructive emotions – learn to live without them.

Be loving and kind to yourself, and you will find it easier to be loving and kind to others.

The love, respect and friendship of others is a privilege, not a right.

You can make changes in yourself, but you cannot force changes in others.

You can lead, but you cannot force others to follow.

You alone are responsible for your actions.

You can never make a wrong choice. There are good choices and bad choices, but all choices lead to experiences that cause the expansion of Being.

As you journey along your life’s path, don’t be afraid to step off it occasionally. There is much beauty to be found on the side of the road, and new experiences to discover.  The lessons on these side journeys will help you further ‘down the track’.

At all times, remember to honour and respect your Self. Enjoy your Self and be excited about the life you’ve been given.

You are both the Clay and the Potter. Delight in your changes, growth and Power.

Remain loving and joyful, for this is the deepest essence of Being.

Lisa Butler

Founder & CEO

LIsa Butler 2015

For nearly ten years my focus has been on transformation, self-love, self-belief and discovering why more women don't have joy, contentment and confidence in their life.

This led me to write a book called the Constitution of the United States of Being - The art of self-love, fulfilling our dreams and finding joy.

MY PURPOSE in life is to transform, uplift and be a beacon of support for women who want to find more meaning and joy in their lives.

I’m now ready to share my message of self-love, creativity and fearlessness so that you can create sustainable authenticity in your life. It’s my invitation to you to explore and discover a place of passion, creativity and wisdom.

This is your home for the next stage in your journey.

MY AIM is for you to experience an extraordinary life which is full, deep, and richly fulfilling.

I want you to LOVE the adventure and experience life as the constant miracle it is, even in the hard times.

Our retreats are a playground of inspiration and transformation for you.  Discover an expanding world of connection to your self-belief and inner joy - and plug back into your intuition where you will find all the answers.


Where to start...

Your first step is to contact me for a free chat.  Together we will create a pathway of self-love in your life so you can finally, truly, be joyful and free.