The Wellness Connection

Published by Lisa J Butler on

I believe we create every circumstance in our life – all of it.  For example, I’m learning that our emotional state is directly responsible for our physical state of  well-being – or misalignment. When I’m in a joyful, peaceful, loving, enthusiastic, inspired and empowered emotional state, I feel physically well, healthy, strong, vibrant, energetic and alive!   However, when I’m in a negative emotional state (fear, anger, depression, guilt, frustration, unworthiness, doubt, worry etc) those negative emotions translate into a negative physical manifestation – illness, disease or physical pain.  If I feel unwell or in pain, the first thing I do is look inward to my emotional state, knowing that the answer, and the antidote is right here within me.

Have you noticed how people who live in a constant, chronic state of negative emotion are always ill – or suddenly become seriously ill?  They will tell you that they feel negative because they are ill or because they are in pain, but the truth that I’m discovering is, they feel pain because they live inside their negativity. Their body is reflecting their chronic, long term negative thoughts by physically manifesting their emotional pain.  The longer and more deeply entrenched a person is in chronic negative thoughts and emotions, the deeper and more severe their ailments become.

There are a number of Metaphysics experts who link physical and emotional health in this way. Lousie L. Hays’ book, ‘Heal Your Body’ lists physical ailments and the emotional/psychological links her years of in-depth research has uncovered.

In her book, ‘Anatomy Of The Spirit’, Caroline Myss talks about (among other things) the correlation between the seven Chakras, or power centres, in the body and how they relate to the physical body, the non-physical body and the emotions.  If you haven’t read these books, I highly recommend them both.

I recently went back through my life and did an inventory of all the major illnesses, injuries and diseases I’ve had.  I thought carefully about what was happening in my life and the condition of my emotional state at the time these ailments occurred.  I was stunned when I realised the connection between the way I was feeling emotionally and the way I was feeling physically. Every single time I suffered a physical ailment, whether it was severe depression, chronic lower back pain, torn muscles in my neck and shoulder, torn ligaments in my foot, chronic bronchial infections even my disease of compulsive overeating and food addiction, I had been suffering from chronic negative thoughts and emotions – often for a long period.

Then I looked at the times I had felt incredibly happy, empowered, filled with passion, enthusiasm, and a sense of security and emotional well-being and realised that at those times I was physically also very healthy and filled with a sense of physical well-being.

These days, armed with my knowledge of the Law Of Attraction and my ability to manifest  anything I focus my thoughts upon, plus my growing interest in metaphysics and the      physical/emotional/spiritual connection, I recognise that negative emotions are a signal to me that I’m not in alignment with my higher self.  I immediately begin to think/climb my way up the emotional ladder to find better feeling thoughts and raise my emotional position to one of joy and love.  I rarely get sick these days and when I do, I look upon it as a wonderful opportunity to heal my emotions.

As an exercise, I encourage you to write a health inventory too.  You’ll be amazed at the links you find between your emotional and physical health.  Its a profound and powerful moment when you realise that your state of natural physical health and well-being begins with your emotional health and well-being. Its empowering because it means you have absolute control over your state of physical, as well as emotional and spiritual, health.  Empowering indeed.