Soul Centred Mentoring


We are spiritual beings having a physical human experience.  Life is meant to be joyful, abundant and absolutely fulfilling.  Find your purpose, live your passion and thrive in a place of personal power so you can live the life you’ve always wanted and make your dreams come true.

Soul Centred Mentoring is my personally developed, compassionate and intuitive method of assisting you to move through personal/emotional roadblocks that keep you from realising your full potential.  As a Certified Coach with a Diploma of Counselling, I use a blend of traditional techniques as well as an individualised and caring approach.  I believe you know yourself better than anyone else, and whether you recognise it or not, you have the capacity to live your life with joy, confidence and self-empowerment.  My job is to help you reach the fullness of your ability so you can resolve the issues and challenges that come up in life and reach for dreams and goals with confidence.

If you have problems with relationships, work and career, finances, stress, anxiety and worry - or you don't seem to get what you want in life - Soul Centred Mentoring is for you!

Soul Centred Mentoring is:

Client focused
Firm yet Gentle
Compassionate and Supportive


Through Soul Centred Mentoring, be gently and lovingly guided to...

Find purpose and passion in your life
Define what you REALLY want and taking the steps to get there
Take action, build momentum and practice professional accountability in your career
Identify and eliminate the ‘roadblocks’ that stop you achieving your goals
Learn self-analysis and personal accountability
Release past hurts and emotional pain
Replace fear and resentment with joy and freedom
Build and develop your self-worth
Discover your inner power
Learn the art of self-love and acceptance
Overcome stress
Manage depression and anxiety

….. and so much more.


4 Session Package: $495
10 Session Package: $1260


All prices are in Australian Dollars.
Sessions are one hour in duration and take place online via Skype

 Confidentiality guaranteed.

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